How market?

A few things to reflect on

Specifically, what my parents didn’t do that I have taken it upon my self to do in my own home is, communicating with my kids. Not everything is beating and shutting them up, you’ll be surprised how much these kids know and how desperately they need our guidance to help them navigate through life. Secondly, is to consciously identify their strengths and weaknesses, nurture them young and help them become the best versions of themselves while being comfortable and happy with who they are and their uniqueness.

Sharon Osaji on Umi Spotlight

God trusts me that's why he gave my child to me and I'm capable to be a great custodian of his destiny. I just need to trust God to help me and find rest in Him.

Juwonlo Michael on Umi Spotlight

One thing to ask yourself

How market?

How is your shopping going this season? I hope inflation no reach your side. Please share with us as e dey go.

One thing to try this weekend

Apply for the Umi Mentorship Program this weekend. If you have benefited from the program, share with other new mothers within your circle. See what others are saying about the experience.

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