Umi Spotlight: Juwonlo Michael

A mum in Ibadan, Nigeria

With Umi Spotlight, we are sharing the best of what other mothers have figured out both in their motherhood journey and in life.

On this edition, Juwonlo Michael shares with us her experience postpartum, how the Umi Mentorship Program helped as well as some of the goals she has lined up for 2024. Read more about her here

Going back to the way you were raised, are there any styles of parenting or traditions your parents raised you with that you now also do with your kid(s)?
Yes, I'd like to also pass on the value of ensuring my child has a daily routine. I believe it helps one grow up to be a structured adult.

What about your upbringing would you prefer not to repeat with your own journey as a parent?
Punishing and beating for any and everything. I'll prefer not to repeat lack of communication, no matter how little. This is because I want to create an environment where my kids are able to talk to me about anything and most importantly, know how to also articulate themselves.

What attributes of yours or that of your husband have you began to see in your kids?
Keen attention to details and sensitivity.

What was postpartum like for you? Did you have help? Were there any complications with your mental and physical health? And if there was, how did you deal with it?
Postpartum wasn't the smoothest. I had no help from after two months when my mums left and I had to resume remote work from when my baby was two months old.
Regarding mental health, I was always tired, frustrated, and due to other circumstances, I almost had depression. But God and the UMI mentorship program helped me through that.
On Physical health, I experienced pains in my bones and joint which I never had before my baby. I also lost some of my hair and the doctor said it was due to postpartum stress.
In dealing with it, I'm grateful for the UMI mentorship program and my assigned mentor, Mrs Omowumi Mokikan. Mrs Mokikan was a huge help in fine-tuning that period of my life and how to move forward. I got help for market runs and house chores and I also enrolled my baby in creche at 10 months.
I sought medical help regarding my health and I've been better.

How do you relax? What is self care for you?
Taking few hours to myself to do just anything; see a movie, read a book, call a friend or just sleep.

What do you miss most about your life before kids?
Having "me" time!

What was the best advice you got about being a mother to your kids?
God trusts me that's why he gave my child to me and I'm capable to be a great custodian of his destiny. I just need to trust God to help me and find rest in Him.

How would you describe your parenting style?
My parenting style is Conservative

What about motherhood and parenting do you still struggle with?
I am trying not to spank, but he does not make it easy sometimes.

How do you discipline your kids (instead of beating them)?
I speak to him and just really restraint myself

What's your happiest childhood memory?
Eating suya with my family on most nights

What would you prefer your children’s memory of their childhood be?
The times spent with family, especially on their special days

What is your proudest moment so far as a mum?
When my son is complemented for smelling nice and looking clean.

Who are you, aside being a mum?
I'm an operations manager at a Fintech.

What was your experience with healthcare when you were pregnant and during the delivery of your kid(s)?
It wasn't the best to be honest.

What are some holiday traditions that you would like your kids to grow up to cherish?
Christmas pictures and food.

What are your thoughts on family planning? Did you plan your kids or did you just go with the flow?
I plan. I believe it's God's will for us to have a vision for raising children and plan adequately

If you could do something different about your choice of career and family life, what would it be?
I'd probably be a full time house wife just enjoying my husband's money, raising the children and doing ministry.

Any parenting, family and career goals for next year that you will like to share.
* Invest in more family time and hang out
*Introduce my son to more books and hands-on activities
*Grow further in my career and make more money

What advice(s) do you have for new mums in Africa?
You can have it all, momma. It's very possible. Just give yourself grace and give it time. However, always aim for greater things because it is attainable.

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