Who is your biggest influence?

A few things to reflect on

I’m still learning as a parent. But I am a parent who is very present and observant in the life and activities of her children. Even if I get a nanny or help, I still love to know how they are being fed, what they’re being fed, what they say, how they play and so on. I don’t usually leave the work alone to the help just because I have a help or nanny. In fact, I love to be the one helping my children with their homework everyday not because I can’t let someone else do it but because I always feel like I might be missing out on their childhood learning and fun if I don’t at least see how they learn.

Oluwaseyi Toba-Olosunde on Umi Spotlight

I am not on any edge to make my kids perfect. My kids have a soul of theirs, they have their unique desires and purpose. I am only a guide.

Shaakirah Oshinlaja-Oluokun on Umi Spotlight

One thing to ask yourself

Who is my biggest influence? What we claim to be who we are is an accumulation of influences and experiences. Those can be in things, people, places or whatever it is that we expose ourselves to. But I have found that our strongest influences are usually people; those who raised us, those we meet along the way, and those we are privileged to birth. So, which one of those is your biggest influence?

My strongest influence is my family. That include those who I consciously chose as my family. I find that their deposit in my life shows up even when I least expect it. As a matter of fact, I remember people now when I do something or say something that I learnt from them. It’s amazing. I feel fortunate to have such good people in my life.

It’s your turn now. Who is it/Who are they? I am listening/reading…

Something to try this weekend

Maybe two things….

Now that you have identified who that strong influence is, why not send them a message or put a call through to them? Appreciate them for being such a big part of your life.

Also, can I ask a favour of you? Please join me to celebrate my partner and friend, the co-founder of Umi, Tolulope, as she celebrates her birthday on Sunday, February 11, 2024. This one is a milestone, she is super amazing, she is so intelligent and one of the best people I know. Just shoot her a happy birthday message at [email protected]. Thank you so much.

We love you. Enjoy your weekend.

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