In what ways have parenting humbled you?

A few things to reflect on

I reinforce positive behavior. When my child isn't behaving pleasantly, I try to remain calm but firm. I make corrections immediately. I recently observed that my child sometimes puts up negative behavior to get attention so I come down to her level and give my attention.

Eunice Oluwatoyin Akinsanya on Umi Spotlight

Trust God to help you be the parent your child needs per time. It works! There’s no one-size fits all parenting technique. As much as it’s important to learn from those veteran parents, your child is unique and so is the age they’re growing up in. However, God knows them too much and He understands the times so He’s the perfect guide. Trusting Him, I know when to rebuke and when to embrace regardless of what’s been done. I know how to indulge and how to instruct. Learning and trusting God for the application of knowledge has been an amazing advice!

Deborah Adeojo-Iteghie on Umi Spotlight

One thing to ask yourself

In what ways have parenting humbled you?

For me, let’s just say that I have a whole new respect for all the mothers who raised me. I am raising a daughter and she’s only been here for less than 2years and omg! she is all the package. I am humbled by the work that everyone put in to raise me right. I want to do it even better with my kids.

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