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What's the most shocking compliment you have ever received?

A few things to reflect on

No pressure!
While trying to be a super mum, take care of yourself too.

Oluwafikayomi Opaleye on Umi Spotlight

Cherish the small and big moments with your child. Create lasting memories that will strengthen the bond with your little one. Give yourself some accolades (smiles.... No dulling moment)
Remember that every family's journey is unique, and there's no right or wrong way to be a great mom. Trust yourself, love your child, and cherish the incredible experience of motherhood in Africa.

Florence Polit on Umi Spotlight

One thing to ask yourself

What's the most shocking compliment you have ever received? Something someone complimented you about that you felt may not be entirely true.

Someone took a good look at me recently, and told me that I am “audacious.” Me! Anyone who knew me really well would say otherwise. I have been anything but audacious or bold. However, I have been working very hard to do things that really interest me. Perhaps, that was what prompted that compliment. It was shocking, but affirming.

How about you? What compliment have you recently that was so shocking to you?

One thing for you to try this weekend

Try to be deliberate about lending a helping hand to someone this weekend, especially to women/mothers like you. Offer a word of advice, literally offer a helping hand, listen and just make a conscious effort to make someone else feel loved and seen this weekend.

Which of the sections resonated the most with you?

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