System runs the show

Now that I have got you thinking about how to make your vision clearer for next year and beyond, we need to seal it up. What we shared in the last newsletter is not new to you. That wasn’t the first time you are hearing about it. You have heard about how to set goals before. You’ve probably even done exactly everything that was stated and still have not been able to achieve any result.

It will continue like that.

Until you build systems around your goals.

It is not enough to just plan and break down your vision and goals. It is not enough to just be determined in your heart to make things work. We’ve got to find a way to automate things so that we truly can do them.

For every goal that you have, put a system in place that propels you to do them.

If one of your goals for the next year is to lose weight, a system for it would be to enrol in a gym, have an accountability partner, and purge your house of unhealthy food. That way, you are obligated to go (‘cos you paid for it and you don’t want to disappoint someone else), and since you do not have unhealthy food or snacks in the house, you have reduced the chances of being tempted.

If your goal is to change your career, a system may be to find ways to learn some new skills for the first three months, write down what you have learnt, and then apply for at least two jobs per month till you get the job. Whatever it is, have a system around it.

If you want to build your business and make it more profitable, implement systems and processes that enable your team and customers to get the best services from you and tell others about you. Mums who are creators may find this video very resourceful.

Resolutions do not make any difference. Goal setting and visions do not do anything. What makes a difference is building a system around your goal that helps you achieve them.

To build a system,

Know what you want to achieve

Decide on a particular habit (daily) that helps you achieve that goal

Put the goal in a visible place where you can revisit it so that you do not lose sight of it.

Let next year be different for you. 

Do not make empty resolutions this time around. 

Back it up with plans and systems to make it work. 

Let your system be ironclad and be very strict with it. If you follow it to the letter, you will be amazed at your result within six months.

Let’s be deliberate about winning together.

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