Post partum weight loss goals

This is not a strange topic for you. I know you have heard it before. You are probably even on your snapback journey as I type this. You are probably even starving yourself just so you can meet up with your weight loss goal. And I commend you for putting in the effort.

However, it is important that our effort is channelled in the right direction. And that it is fuelled by self worth and the intention to be your best self, not because of some dumb social media pressure or pressure from friends and colleagues who are insensitive to the journey that you’ve just been on.

If you are like me, you have seen pictures of so many mums, especially celebrities, who look so snatched days after giving birth to their kids. Whereas, you and I are still in our sweats trying to figure out how to get our lives back on track. What’s sad is how terrible we feel comparing ourselves to these people online. To the point that it starts to affect our confidence.

Pregnancy is amazing. I had an excruciating pregnancy journey, but when I look at my kid, it was worth it. Every pain, gigantic nose, gestational diabetes, bed rests, Caesarean Section, Postpartum blues and everything else brought me to the point where I got to hold my precious little angel.

And I am very glad. Nothing is going to take that joy from me. No pressure of how much weight I gained, or the reasons I still have a protruding belly, or how long it is taking me to lose the weight. I understand that my journey is not the same with that of the next mum’s. While I will not be lazy, I do not compare myself with anyone else.

You can use people as inspiration, but I don’t see why you would then lose your self worth just because it is taking you longer to achieve your goal. Your metabolism is different from that of your friend. You might not even have the same resources, lifestyle and time like they do. So, please let’s cool it.

What exactly will help you snapback? 

Self Confidence - Appreciate your body and what it went through to get here. Be comfortable with the fact that your body may never be back to the way it was before you had kids. And that’s okay (My baby gave me an incredible set of hips that I absolutely love).

Asking for help - You see how we keep coming back to that. It is impossible for you to handle the responsibility of motherhood alone. Allow people to help you so that you can snap back emotionally.

A balanced diet - Physicians recommend that you eat balanced diets. You eat well, but in small quantities.

Breastfeeding - Breastfeeding is said to burn an enormous amount of calories from you. So, breastfeed your kids (if you are able to)

Exercise - Having a good exercise routine coupled with a well balanced diet will probably help you attain your weight loss goal.

An active sex life - This one I love. I mean, it is basically an exercise. And if it gets you your desired weight loss goal and at the same time you experience some orgasms, why not?

If you get nothing from this, please pay attention to this: it might take you longer to achieve your desired weight loss goal, but you will get there. Do not put too much pressure on yourself. While you are working on it, love the body that you are in. Appreciating those curves and those slightly bigger boobs. Not everyone gets to experience what you have experienced.

So, celebrate yourself. You are amazing just the way you are!

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