Healthy bites for your kids

In case you were stuck on healthy food ideas for your kids now that they are home for the holidays, try out a few of the following healthy options for your kids. You can make them into so many recipes for your kids’ enjoyment;

Fruits: For this summer, let’s go all out to ensure that our kids eat lots of fruits. Give them Apples, Banana, Avocado, Almonds, Plantain, Pineapple, Strawberry, Grapes and so on. You can cut them into small bites for them to enjoy like that or you can make them into purees. Banana pancakes are amazing. You will have your kids wanting more from boiled or fried plantain. These fruits are good ways for your kids to have vitamins, minerals, fibres, and some potassium; they also do not lots of fat and less calories. Take advantage of the fruits in season and just ensure your kids get enough nutrients from them.

Cereal: Try great healthy recipes for oats, wheats, beans, rice and so on. Make porridge, custard, purees again and combine with other healthy options for your kids to enjoy. Let’s mix rice with some vegetables, please. How about oats with fruits and yoghurt?

Roots and Vegetables: Yam and potato (sweet and irish) can be made into so many recipes for your kids to enjoy. You can make them into porridge, boil them, and make them into chips. Vegetables like squash, carrots, spinach, broccoli, cucumber and so many others all contribute some variety to your baby’s meals. They are good sources of fibers, vitamins and protein to your kids’ health. You can incorporate these vegetables into sauce, purees, and also add them to other amazing recipes.

Toast is also an option that is healthy, can be made quickly and there are so many ways to make it. Therefore, get your bread and eggs and then go to youtube university (a very proud student of Recipe Development here, LOL) to see quick, easy, fast and healthy recipes for toast that your kids can enjoy this summer.

Let’s get some age appropriate milk into their system this summer. Eggs and fish are very important, so let them have a lot of it. Vegetables are also very important

For sweeteners, let’s get rid of sugar. Instead, make use of alternatives like date syrup and honey (for kids above 18 months).

And please, we need lots of water, Mummies. Get us hydrated this summer. You can also make the fruit into juices just so that we can have some options for liquid.

None of these foods require a lot of time nor are they all expensive. So, whatever you can afford, make sure you stuff your kids with it. Let’s just avoid junk this summer. Let’s get rid of those sweet and unhealthy snacks that in the long run, are detrimental to their health.

Now remember, if you want your kids to eat clean this summer, you have to model that to them. That means you will have to eat clean as well (I set you up for that one, didn’t I? (tongue out, LOL). It is not that difficult, Mama (I am also trying to convince myself). Let’s just try to take it one day at a time.

We are already on the right path, Mamas.

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