Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Some self care tips

Tomorrow is another valentine’s day. It is literally a global love day for all and sundry. Yes, it is an opportunity for partners to shower love, gifts and affection on one another some more (You hear that, Temi? Catch your sub o 😒). However, it is also a good excuse for you to show yourself some love. If you have been a member of this community for a while, you will know that I never miss any chance to write to you about self care.

Because you deserve it.

Motherhood is the rest of your life. It is never going to be something that you stop doing. You don’t get to take a leave of absence from this. Even when they are out of the house, you are still their mum and so, your brain and mind GPS is still tracking them to be sure they are fine. So, yeah…no break. But it’s amazing, isn’t it?

Well, I digress… What was I saying?

Yes! Because this is your life now, you should be deliberate about including yourself in the love and affection that you show to your partner and your kids. You should not only dedicate your life to loving this amazing partner that you are blessed with and those kids that you are privileged to have. But you should also make a plan to love on you, choose you and just take care of yourself too.

This valentine is an avenue to do that.

How can you love on yourself this valentine?

It really is up to you. What do you want to do? It doesn’t have to be something that requires you to spend money.

You may just need a good sleep to feel pampered. So, go ahead and do that.

Shopping may be your own treat. Budget for it and go ahead with it.

You may want to read some books, relax on a recliner and be transported by the content of the book. It’s fine too.

How about you journal and meditate?

Buy your own flowers and chocolate, if that will make you happy.

If cooking takes you to your happy place, enter into the kitchen and enjoy yourself. And if ordering some cravings is what you want, then by all means.

How about a bubble bath?

You get the idea…

The world is your oyster. Treat yourself to what you desire the most tomorrow. Whatever your partner does for you tomorrow will only be an added bonus if you already plan to pamper yourself. That way, if he doesn’t do anything or does not believe in Valentine’s day (like my husband 🫣), then there will be no grudge (maybe a little grudge). Take this as your hint to celebrate yourself. 

And for those of you who have plans to celebrate with your partner, you can use our FREE couple quiz to strengthen the intimacy. You will love it!

Enjoy yourself!

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