Consider changing your approach

Are you tired of reflecting yet? You shouldn’t be. 

I am not against having fun this season. Trust me, I am having a full house for Christmas, a kitchen filled with baked goods, a pantry full of snacks and food, a curated list of movies, so many games, a nice time out alone and with my husband, and travel plans to see my parents. All of these things are fun for me and I intend to have a truck load of it this time of the year.

But I also know to take stock of the past twelve (12) months of my life. I do not know anyone alive who is successful who does not take stock of how they have been doing. This is the reason I have been sharing topics that would help you reflect over the past few weeks. So, don’t get tired, please. You will be better for it.

Now, to the business of the day…

One thing that you want to examine as you continue to reflect is the way you did the things that you did. What was the approach that led to the successes that you made?

What were the actions that you took that were probably not very productive? What would you do differently?

 How about a change of approach in the new year? 

If the system you currently adopt works for you, then I salute you. Please keep working at it. But if for any reason you feel the need to take a different approach but are afraid to do so because it is not very convenient, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.  Change your approach.

Try a different way of communicating if the one you are using is not yielding any result.

Consider a new business if you feel the need for it.

How about getting a coach? We can help you with that. And it is FREE. Just apply.

How about a change of job?

How about applying to another country and through another route if your current visa application is being denied.

Whatever it is, just consider changing your approach.

Change is the only constant thing in the world, remember. And who would we be if we stay stuck on one way of doing things?

Read this for some perspective on a systematic approach to life.

And don’t forget to apply for the mentorship program, or encourage a mum in your network to. Application is open for another two weeks.

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