Babies' first cold weather: what do I do?

The first winter after having a baby is usually the most frightful one; there is this new life that we are responsible for and this weather that you can do little to nothing to avoid. We start to ask questions ranging from how do we know that the weather is too cold or even too hot for the baby? how do we dress the baby? what are the effects of too much cold on the baby? and even what are some natural home remedies that we can use to keep our baby safe during those seasons?

Here are a few suggestions on how to detect that babies are cold and are affected by the weather.

Some experts also suggested certain ways or survival skills to know in order to watch over your baby during the cold season. And of course, there are also some at home remedies that you can try just to ensure that your children are kept safe at all time, throughout that season and beyond.

Regardless of what the weather is, just take whatever precautions you see fit, based on adequate knowledge. Just continue to do the best you can.

Well done, Mamas.

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